Jeannie Albrecht
Ryan Braud
Darren Dao
Alex Snoeren
Amin Vahdat


Monitoring PlanetLab Hosts

The main Nebula view, before Plush has been started.

View of North America, showing PlanetLab sites.


View of Europe with sites colored by machine load. Zoomed view shows individual hosts.

View of Asia, showing CPU utilization on the University of Hong Kong's PlanetLab hosts.

Creating a Plush Application

View of a Plush application description. Adding a new component block (set of hosts) to an existing application description.

Running a Plush Application

View of a Plush application description as it runs on PlanetLab. The green blocks are processes that have already finished running. The output of a Plush application after it has finished running.

SSH'ing to PlanetLab Hosts

SSH'ing to a PlanetLab host. Interacting with a PlanetLab host through SSH.