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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is a simple SWORD query that will find "good" PlanetLab hosts?
A:  We have found the following attribute values in our queries to be helpful:

Additionally, if you would like to limit your application to only hosts in North America, you can add the location attribute:

To include North America and Europe, you can use:

Q: I can't get Plush to compile. What should I do?
A: Please visit and make sure you have installed all of the required libraries.

Q: The Plush static binaries don't work. What should I do?
The Plush static binaries are provided as a convenience, but they do not always work. If the statically compiled Plush binary does not run, you have to install and compile Plush. See for more information.

Q: Why can't Nebula/Plush connect to any PlanetLab hosts?

A: Nebula and Plush require you to be able to log in to PlanetLab hosts without typing a password. Please be sure you have setup ssh-agent, and run ssh-add for the appropriate keys. We also recommend setting StrictHostKeyChecking to "no" in your .ssh/config file. Additionally, please verify that your .passwd file has been correctly created in the Plush directory, as well as plush.prefs. View for more information.

Q: Why is Nebula really slow?

A: Please be sure that you have the correct video drivers installed for your video card to enable hardware acceleration.

Q: I can start Nebula, but why doesn't it display any PlanetLab hosts after I start Plush?
A: You probably do not have the Plush directory.xml file set up correctly. Please run helper-scripts/ in the Plush directory.

Q: Nebula displays PlanetLab hosts, but doesn't seem to recognize my slice hosts.

A: Make sure you have set up your Nebula preferences to include the correct name of your slice.

Q: Why does Nebula fail to start Plush?
A: Make sure your Nebula preferences include the correct path to your Plush executable.

Q: Why can't I SSH into any PlanetLab hosts?

A: Make sure your Nebula preferences include the correct path to your ssh key that is used to connect to PlanetLab.