Jeannie Albrecht
Ryan Braud
Darren Dao
Alex Snoeren
Amin Vahdat

Download & Installation

* The Plush source code is available via anonymous CVS provided by SourceForge (see the SF Project Summary).

* The Plush binary is available at
* Instructions for building and installing Plush can be found here.

* Nebula can be found here and requires Java 1.6 or later.
* Nebula requires a functional Plush installation
* IMPORTANT: Nebula uses JOGL for opengl in Java. JOGL includes a .jar file that Nebula needs, as well as some native libraries. The current version of Nebula ships with JOGL for Linux/x86 as well as Windows. If you are running a different OS, for example Linux/AMD64, Solaris, or Mac OSX, you will need to install your own version of JOGL. Please read Using a Custom JOGL Package.
* Since Nebula uses opengl, it is highly recommended that you have hardware acceleration for your video card enabled.

* To install/run Nebula:
   - Unzip and un-tar nebula.tgz.
   - Go into the nebula directory and type "./run".

Using a Custom JOGL Package

* Visit the JOGL home page and download the version of JOGL corresponding to the platform/OS you are running.
* Inside the JOGL package will be a lib directory. Copy all of the .so files from this directory into a new directory you create under the root nebula directory. Copy the .jar file(s) from the lib directory into the nebula/lib directory.
* Edit Nebula's run script:
   - Change "ARCH=i386" to "ARCH=XXX", where "XXX" is the directory you just created and copied the .so files to.
   - Make sure the .jar files you just copied are in java's classpath (after the "java -cp").
* Alternatively, you can have JOGL installed somewhere else if you set up java's classpath and the LD_LIBRARY_PATH correctly.