Jeannie Albrecht
Ryan Braud
Darren Dao
Alex Snoeren
Amin Vahdat


The goal of the Plush project is to provide an extensible application management framework for large-scale distributed systems, including PlanetLab. Users describe their experiments or computation in an XML document, and Plush uses this document to locate, contact, and prepare resources on behalf of the user. Plush then starts the application, monitors the execution for errors, handles any required process clean-up once it completes, and performs several other functions related to distributed application management.

Plush aims to simplify the develop-deploy-debug cycle that researchers go through when developing large-scale distributed applications. To achieve this goal, Plush provides three user interfaces: a simple command-line interface, an XML-RPC interface, and a GUI called Nebula. These interfaces allow users to easily deploy, run, monitor, debug, and "remotely control" their distributed applications running on hundreds of resources around the world.

To read more about Plush, visit the Plush home page.

Nebula is a GUI that allows users to build, visualize and run their applications without using the command-line interface. It interacts with Plush via XML-RPC and exports most of its functionality.